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The International Association for the Carnival of Venice, was born in the 1999 for Giovanna Barbiero Bonaventura' s will. From the beginning of eighties years, she had been very engaged to organise events that could recovering the antique tradition of the Venice Carnival.

With its historical and cultural roots and the unique frame in to the world of the Lagoon City, the Venice Carnival is a magic moment where the enjoyment becomes a dream. This is our aim: to offer to our friends from all over the world the chance to enter with us in this dream.

The most beautiful Venice palaces as Labia Palace, Pisani Moretta Palace, Vendramin Calergi Palace, Donà delle Rose Palace , the Napoleonic Room of Correr Museum, just for mentioning some of them, have opened for us their glamorous doors: parties, concerts and dances in their magnificent rooms, wonderful surroundings for hundreds of marvellous carnival-costums shining of colours.
One of our first performances organised in 1999 , " Aqueous Procession of the Nations", in honour of Venice Consular Corps, has become by now a usual appointment for confirming the internationality of our association.
However too in the funny moments of joy, we don' t forget the "social" .
The gala of Labia Palace, has always been an event for collecting cash to give to philanthropic organisations.

President: Giovanna Barbiero Bonaventura
Vicepresident: Paolo Zerbinatti

Corrado Colavelli
Maria Pappalardo
Fabio Barbierato

Association Artistic Director :
Maurizio Agosti

Foreign correspondents:
Germany: Karin Herzog
France: Sophie Eustache
Usa: Sophie Eustache
Spain: Aida Hovsepian

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