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International Association for Carnival of VeniceThe International Association for Venice Carnival is a non profit-making association.

Members come from all over the world, but membership is bound to a maximum number that cannot be increased for planning reasons: space in Venetian palaces is rather scarce and does not let us, with many regrets, extend us to an excessive number of members.

Therefore, whoever would like to join, should apply to the executive committee, which will follow all steps for the admission of the new member.

Proceeding is very easy: applicant will be included in a waiting list and will be kept informed, through the programme that the Association forwards, of all events organized.

Of course applicant will be allowed to participate, taking advantage of favourable opportunities, awaiting, as soon as place is vacant, to join by right the Association as a permanent member.

For a first contact send an e-mail to Giovanna Barbiero Bonaventura and we will be pleased to answer as soon as possible!


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